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Peterson Rigid Track Systems

Petersons Rigid Track Systems are available in a range of combinations to suit custom sawmill site set-ups. Allowing you to cut unlimited-length logs or explore smarter ways of setting up your mill site.
Our custom extruded, high-strength Aluminium tracks are renowned worldwide for their durability and rigidity – never comprising accuracy or strength. While weighing just 12.7lb (5.8kg) per meter, track extensions are a valuable addition to cater for larger logs.

Each sawmill in Peterson’s product range can have ANY length of track added at ANY time – except for the ASM due to mechanisms needing to be custom-built at the time of purchase. For raised track sawmills like the ATS we advise caution with too many extensions as stability and safety become compromised.

All Peterson Portable Sawmills come supplied with a ‘standard’ set of tracks. With all of our larger mills ready to mill logs up to 6m (20′) and the Junior Peterson, our smallest “entry-level” swing blade mill, the tracks provided allow you to mill a log of up to 4m (13′).

Here are some photos of Peterson Owners who have used their track extensions to fulfill lucrative orders that other sawmillers simply couldn’t.

Peterson Hi/Lo Track Upgrade

All Peterson Portable Sawmills come standard with Lo/Lo Track setup – with the exception of the ASM (Hi/Lo) and ATS (Raised Tracks)  – this means both parallel tracks that the sawmill operates on are ground-based (Low) Peterson’s exclusive Hi/Lo track upgrade (pictured here) provides the optimal structural design for a ground-based, box-type frame where the two opposite corners are braced, delivering the very best in safety, balance and support for the sawmills. This Hi/Lo track setup comes standard on the ASM models, and as an optional extra on the WPF. The Hi/Lo tracks allow the operator to either load logs over the low track, or roll logs under the high track, giving the utmost in versatility for mobile or fixed-site applications.

The best solution for commercial production:

The beauty of the Hi/Lo setup is that sawdust build-up is not an issue because sawdust is expelled to the left on all Peterson Swingblades. Eliminating sawdust build up on the left track is proven to save a lot of time in commercial setups and offers more practical solutions for site management.

Another convenient feature of the Hi/Lo setup, gives you the option to still have the tracks in Lo/Lo configuration if you are moving around a lot from one log to another as this is quicker to set up and ideal for single operator setups.

Peterson Track Options

Supplied Track Length (Standard)18.7' (5.7m)28' (8.55m)27.5' (8.4m)27.5' (8.4m)37' (11.25m)28' (8.55m)
Maximum Log Length (Standard)13' (4m)20' (6m)20' (6m)20' (6m)20' (6m)20' (6m)
Unlimited Track LengthYesNoYesYesYesYes*
Supplied Track ConfigurationLo/LoRaised TracksLo/LoLo/LoLo/LoHi/Lo
Hi/Lo UpgradeNoNoYesYesYesStandard

*Upgrade only available at time of purchase

Versatility like never before

Peterson Portable Sawmills are proud to offer the most efficient track setup options, custom-suited to your needs whether you are milling for a hobby or expecting high production, full-time milling. Our exclusive, adaptable track systems offer the most versatility on the market.

Never get caught short

With the ability to upgrade your track length at any time or even use custom-built tracks like some of our owners, you can handle big, long logs and lucrative jobs that other sawmillers simply can’t. Go a step further with a custom Giant Frame Upgrade to increase the log diameter capacity.

Uncompromised safety

Whether operating Lo/Lo or Hi/Lo, Petersons have always prioritized safety with our machines. This is why we can proudly promote unlimited track lengths on most mills with no risk of track sag or inaccuracy that needs compensating. Both Lo/Lo and Hi/Lo configurations offer minimal side-to-side ‘sway’ that is simply not possible from most of our competition and is evident when you witness our mills in action.

Double your chances

Another huge benefit of Peterson’s exclusive Rigid Track System and the ability to extend your tracks is the capacity to operate more than one sawmill on the same set of tracks. This incredibly valuable option is fundamental in our WPF + DWS combination – allowing you to mill dimensional timber and wide slabs all from one setup, offering versatility like no other.

Don't take our word for it

Speak to Peterson owners in your area

If you’re researching a sawmill purchase, the best people to speak to are those who operate the machines on a regular basis. The millers in our Owner’s Network have made themselves available to you to ask questions by phone or email, and some of them even offer private demos and open days at their milling sites.

Can't find an owner on the map?

Some owners aren’t publicly listed. Reach out to us, we’ll check our records and connect you with owners in your area.

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