Put the finishing touches on your freshly planed slabs with this ingenious kit

Sander Disk Kit

Product Description

Introducing the Peterson Sander Disk Kit – your secret weapon for adding that extra touch of finesse to your woodworking masterpieces. Designed to seamlessly replace the standard milling blade on any Peterson Swingblade Sawmill, the Sander Disk Kit elevates your woodworking game by delivering a flawless, almost-gloss finish that’s sure to impress. Whether you’re working on high-end beams or slabs destined for a special project, this kit is your ticket to perfection.


What sets the Peterson Sander Disk Kit apart is its versatility and convenience. It comes complete with a range of sandpaper grits, allowing you to customize the finish according to your exact specifications. Plus, it’s designed to fit standard sandpaper discs readily available at your local hardware store, making it easy to replenish your supplies whenever needed.


But perhaps the best part is the finish it leaves behind – smooth, sleek, and undeniably professional. With the Peterson Sander Disk Kit, you can transform ordinary wood into extraordinary pieces that command attention and admiration.


Sand Smarter

Peterson’s Sander Disk Kit can replace all other flat surface sanders to dress slabs, table tops, beams and more!

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Adding Value to Dry Slabs
The first step towards a splinter-free finish is to use the Peterson Planer Blade to smooth the slab or beam to a flat, even surface. When you’re ready to sand, it will only take a few minutes to bolt the sander head on and velcro your grit in place.
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