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Whether you want to learn more about getting your business off the ground, managing your staff, or marketing your services, we’ve got it covered with downloadable templates, articles, links and forum discussions at your disposal.

If you use your Peterson Sawmill for a part or full-time income, please contact us today with your business name and contact details so that we can promote you on our Sawmillers’ Business Directory.

Sample Contracts

While some people still choose to do business on a hand shake, many now use formal contracts. Below you will find two custom milling contract templates – please modify to your needs.
  • Contract 1 for Custom Milling Job
  • Contract 2 for Custom Milling Job
  • Home Drying Lumber Disclaimer and Information
  • Below you will find a series of key articles from the free Woodweb Forums. Woodweb is the most-visited website for woodworking professionals. It’s definately worth spedning some time there, with an abuncance of free technical forums, covering every facet of professional woodworking, from the moment lumber is harvested until a project is installed. Each of these forums is monitored by a recognized expert in the field. And because they’re “live”, you can post a question in the morning and often have a multitude of responses by afternoon.

    Another excellent online resource for wood businesses is Woodpreneur Life.

    Their mission is to provide wood businesses with tools, resources, support and networking opportunities. Whether you’re a sawmill, tree service company, hardwood flooring company, furniture maker, content creator or otherwise, Woodpreneur Life is here for you.
    Growing a business is an extremely rewarding experience, but it can also be frustrating, lonely, confusing and stressful. They aim to amplify the good and help combat the stress all while introducing you to a network of woodworkers just like yourself.

    Woodpreneur Podcast

    With over 6,000 listeners each month, the Woodpreneur Podcast (Formally known as the Sawmill Business Podcast) is a great way to not only network, but to spread word to the community about who you are and what you can do for them!

    Each week, Steve interviews makers, sawyers, influencers, and six and seven figure entrepreneurs that know the wood industry inside and out. With topics covering everything from the Urban Lumber Movement, to sustainable sourcing and design, they discuss the ins and outs of how to grow, monetize, and fully immerse yourself in the Woodpreneur Lifestyle. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a full-time wood business owner, or a part-time entrepreneur who wants to become an influencer or quit their day job to pursue their dreams, the Woodpreneur Podcast is for you.

    Building a Furniture Brand Podcast

    In this exciting collaboration, the host and creator of the Woodpreneur Podcast, Steve Larosiliere teams up with Wall Street Journal featured furniture brand builder and fellow Woodpreneur, Ethan Abramson!

    This podcast is a thrilling deep dive into every aspect of building and marketing a furniture business. From the foundations that result in impressive scaling to industry tips and tricks that position a brand for greatness, you won’t want to miss this incredible collaboration.

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