Re-tip your own blades with this tailored jig, saving yourself time and money

Re-Tipping Jig

Product Description

For most millers, it is a simple exercise to take their Peterson blade to a local saw doctor who can carry out any blade repairs quite cheaply and effectively. However, if access to a saw doctor is limited, and you have access to a gas welding set, you can purchase a re-tipping jig from us to re-tip your own blades.

The Re-Tipping Jig holds your blade firmly in position and allows you to line up the new tips while heating. Your blade simply fits onto the boss, and a small block holds the tip in place while you weld it on.


Save time and money

Not everyone has access to a sawdoctor, so having the ability to replace damaged or missing teeth “on-the-go” means far less downtime and cost to send/recieve your blades.

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Re-Tipping where a Saw Doctor is limited
Peterson Re-Tipping Jigs are most popular in places where access to a sawdoctor is limited. Giving anyone the ability to replace damaged or missing teeth on site.
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