Custom made kit with the most in demand spares and service items for remote milling

Remote Area Service Kit

Product Description

When operating overseas or in a remote area, access to spare parts can be difficult. Peterson’s Remote Area Service Kit is an optional extra for those milling remotely. It consists of high-wear parts and motor-service items, designed for easy replacement on site. It will keep the average miller going for approximately 100 machine hours and can be tailored further to meet your specific needs.

Standard contents of each kit:

  • Motor air cleaner sponge
  • Motor air cleaner paper element
  • Motor oil filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Chain pieces
  • Con links
  • Track rollers
  • Blade tips
  • Blade screws and nuts
  • Allen keys
  • V-belts
  • Gearbox repair kit
  • Pot anti-seize
  • Circlip pliers


Don't get caught out

Peterson’s Remote Area Service Kit consists of high-wear parts and motor-service items, designed for easy replacement on site to avoid mill down time and international parts shipping.

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Milling in Remote Locations
Peterson’s Remote Area Service Kit can be configured to include all general high wear service items ensuring minimal down-time when milling in remote locations. The best time to stock up on spares, is of course at the time of purchase to save on expensive freight down the line. Don’t leave it to chance – talk to us today about how we can construct a kit for your mill.
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