Peterson Sawmill Feature – Durable Circular Blades

Peterson Sawmill Blades

One of the best features of Peterson’s range of portable sawmills, are their circular blades. When people discover just how low-maintenance they are, they can hardly believe it, especially if they’re used to the maintenance and replacement costs of a band saw blade. Click here to see how a Peterson swingblade sawmill works.

Peterson’s circular blades generally last up to six years with normal use, and we have even had reports of blades lasting over a decade. 

With the ability to sharpen Peterson’s circular blades in around five minutes without having to remove them from the mill, maintenance costs are minimal. Take a look at the video to see just how easy it is.

Standard Peterson Circular Blades

Peterson Sawmills’ 6″, 8″ and 10″ circular blades are made from high-grade steel, with solid tungsten carbide tips. The tips are easily sharpened by the operator in around five minutes and can either be replaced by you (please see Peterson’s Re-Tipping Jig documentation) or a sawdoctor when they’re worn.

Peterson’s blade technology and the use of tough tungsten carbide tips mean that our circular blades require far less maintenance than other blades on the market. Please refer to our article Swingmill Blade Maintenance and Running Costs for details.

Peterson's MicroKerf Blade

The 6″ MicroKerf Blade Kit contains two blades plate mounted with 4mm kerf tips. The blade utilises a secondary reinforcing boss for support of the body. It mounts straight onto your existing Peterson 8 or 10″ blade boss and is excellent for 1″ boards, hardwoods, and to increase recovery and production.

Proven MicroKerf Blade results include:
* 15-20% increase in recovery
* Less strain on the motor, allowing longer life
* Reduced operator fatigue
* Less fuel costs per cube
* Less blade maintenance
* Less sawdust to remove

Kits fit all new and recent 8″ and 10″ Peterson mills only.

View the original MicroKerf press release

Download the MicroKerf blade flyer

Peterson Circular Blades - MicroKerf Kit

Peterson Sawmills' Planer Blade

Enhance your wide slabs and beams with the Peterson Planer Blade! The Planer Blade is mounted in place of your standard mill blade to skim over the surface of your timber for planed results. Purchase with the Peterson sander disc for a complete finish.

Watch how the planer blade works 

View the planer blade webpage

Peterson Sander Disc Kit

The Peterson Sander Disc fits any Peterson swingblade model and includes a range of sandpaper grits (available at your local hardware store) to bring your timber to the finish you desire.

The Sander Disc is a great complement to your Peterson Planer Blade and will save you hours of manual finishing. 

Read the sander disc press release

View the sander disc webpage

Peterson Portable Sawmills’ CEO Kerris Browne presents a five-part series on what you need to know about swingmill circular blades focusing on blade identification, tensioning and running costs. Click below to read…


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