Accuracy and Recovery Top Priorities for NSW Sawmiller

With clients wanting boards cut within 2mm of the required size, this New South Wales contractor needed equipment that was accurate and price competitive.

Steve Anderson of Bellbird Falls Timber Pty Ltd took delivery of the new mill in June 2003 to mill his own timber and has been also doing some mobile contract work. An extensive search for a suitable portable sawmill lead Steve to the Peterson 8” WPF (Winch Production Frame) fitted with 24hp engine – and he couldn’t be happier.

Steve produces a wide range of hard wood products, from floorboards to 16” x 2”s. “I looked at a lot of different brands of mill, and chose Peterson because of its costs competitiveness and high recovery,” Steve said. “It’s a very good mill; fast, economical and low maintenance.”

The other feature of the Peterson mill that has impressed Steve is its accuracy. He needs boards to be cut within 2 mm of the required size for one of his clients. “I’ve never had one board returned,” he noted.

Steve also likes the way sizes can be set up. “You don’t have to walk down the other end of the mill to raise it up,” he said. And setting the horizontal size is simple too. “Everything is operator friendly, which means I can do 12-hour days and not feel too exhausted.”

“Also, the tracks can be set up so you can roll the logs into place easily. It also allows the sawdust to clear out the sides.

On a good day, with a tailor out-er, Steve can cut 3.5 to 4 cubic metres (1400-1600 bft) of 4″ x 1″ timber.

He has also been impressed by the after sales service from Peterson’s. “If you ever have a concern, they’re only a phone call away and they’ll do everything they can to help you,” he said.

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