Top Five Portable Sawmill Accessories

Electric Winch

Electric Winch

The electric winch for vertical sizing is easily fitted to Peterson’s Winch Production Frame and Dedicated Wide Slabber mills, or may be used as an upgrade if you have purchased an earlier model. This allows the operator to remain at their normal
operating station when lowering or raising for the next cut. The operator can also line up the first cut much easier, as he can visually sight down the log at the same time. This saves extra walking to the winch and back, when lining up a log.

Save time operating the manual winch and making vertical adjustments with the electric winch, enabling you to work smarter, not harder.


Track Extensions
Track Extensions

The Junior Peterson, Winch Production Frame, Dedicated Wide Slabber and Automated Swingblade Mill have all been designed with a rigid track system. This allows for simple track extensions (available as optional extras) for these particular models. (Extensions for the ASM must be included at time of mill order.)

These Peterson sawmills come with standard tracks that can cut logs up to 6m (20ft) (or 4m (13ft) on the JP). However the manual mills can have unlimited track extensions without compromising accuracy or portability.

Many custom sawmillers have used such a ‘runway’ of tracks to fill niche
markets and obtain lucrative beam orders.

Peterson Clip on Chainsaw Slabber Kit
Clip-On Slabber

Natural and straight edge slabs are more popular than ever and can be worth up to double the value of dimensional lumber! Slabs make eye-catching features as dining and board room tables, benches, bar tops and shelving.

Peterson Portable Sawmills have made slabbing simple with our Clip On Slabber kit, enabling you to cut slabs within the solid frame of your Peterson Sawmill. The result is a slab that is the same thickness throughout, with a finish that requires very little sanding to achieve a perfectly smooth end-product.

Peterson Planer Blade
Planer Blade

A Peterson planer blade is an integral tool for dressing wide beams and slabs cut with your Peterson sawmill and clip-on slabber. Cut and dress much larger beams than with any other sawmill, and maximise your earning potential when custom sawmilling.

The planer blade is mounted in place of the standard mill blade and skims over your sawn beam or slab for planed results in just one pass! It is perfect for thicknessing and levelling your slabs by removing any warps and ridges after drying.

Sander Disc

Peterson’s sander disc is ideal for adding the finishing touches on your high-end products, leaving a fabulous almost-gloss finish. The sander disc kit includes a range of sandpaper grits and is designed to fit standard sandpaper discs available at your local hardware store!

The first step towards a splinter-free finish is to use the Peterson planer blade to smooth the slab or beam to a flat, even surface. When you’re ready to sand, it will only take a few minutes to bolt the sander head on and velcro your grit in place.

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