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Korovatu & Skreds Manufacturing sasawmilling in Fiji.Korovatu & Skreds Manufacturing

Mill model: 8″ 25hp All Terrain Sawmill

Add ons: Remote area service kit, weatherboard attachment, EZ dogs, re-tipping jig, tacho/hour meter, additional blade.

Main use: purchased by Micheal & Janice Skredsvig to complement a furniture manufacturing facility project in Naiviivi Village on Qamea Island, Fiji.

Tip: Ensure one person is making the height adjustments for thickness to assure that the thickness is consistent and not off by one click.

“The best part of the Peterson Sawmill is the whole package, To us there is no saw that compares. To choose one would be that it is portable as we are on a remote Island lacking any roads or vehicles, so all transport is done with man power other than when we can move it with our barge to other beaches. But that still requires man power to get it to the logging site in the bush.” – Micheal Skredsvig

Background of the Korovatu & Skreds Manufacturing project: This project was started in an effort to make the village self-supporting and generate money to improve their standard of living. Since the inception of the project they have been appointed a government contractor for the northern division of Fiji by the Prime Minister. Korovatu & Skreds Manufacturing builds furniture for schools, Government offices, resorts, and individuals as well as the cutting of lumber. Their location is very remote lacking roads, power, and other amenities. The ATS is used to cut the trees (Vesi, Mahogany, Tavola, Yasiyasi,etc) that their clan owns to convert into a sellable  product either lumber or furniture.

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