Peterson Portable Sawmills


Junior Peterson Portable Sawmill, set up and ready to mill


Peterson Portable Sawmills are the original designer of the world’s first commercial ‘swingblade’ portable sawmill. While other variations come and go, Petersons continue to be leaders in innovation and design in the milling industry.
Have you ever dreamed of building your own home with lumber from your property? Perhaps you’d like to start, or compliment your own custom sawmilling business?

With a history spanning over two decades our portable mills are the passion and livelihood of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide; from farmers and woodlot owners, to custom portable sawmillers and commercial operators who enjoy after-sales service that is second to none. With Peterson, it really is true that you get what you pay for; a well designed, efficient and versatile portable sawmill that will SAVE you money on running costs. Don’t settle for anything less.

Perfect boards cut with pivoting swingblade Sawmills

Our sawmill blades pivot from horizontal to vertical to cut perfectly dimensioned boards.

Reports of increased productivity flow in weekly from commercial operators with some stating that the Peterson is the “best machine” they’ve ever purchased. Just one example is Australian sawmiller Andrew Smith who has almost doubled the production of his previous manual model sawmill (competitor brand) since he purchased a Peterson Automated Swingblade Mill. Take a look at this video of Andrew during his on-site ASM operation training; cutting hard wood with the touch of a button. Andrew now turns out 80 – 85 cross ties per day without breaking a sweat.

Why Choose Peterson Portable Sawmills?

VERSATILESteve Cannon milling with his WPF portable sawmill.
“My friend has a big bandsaw mill (Woodland Pro 4000), but he can’t handle long and large diameter logs.  So my Peterson mill, with my extra rails, was just what was needed to do the job.  Things worked out great and the client is very happy.  He loves the rustic look of the circle saw cut timbers.  While we were out there working, a log truck owner came by and saw the Peterson Sawmill in action.  He asked me if he could bring some logs to my property and have them milled up into large, long beams.  More work that no other mill in the area can do!” – Steve Cannon. Read more testimonials

It is a proven fact that circular sawmill blades are far easier and more affordable to maintain than bandsaw blades. It often shocks band saw owners to know that Peterson sawmill operators are able to sharpen their blade while it’s still fixed to the mill unit and their blades can last 10 years and beyond! For evidence, Check out our Blade Maintenance Comparison Sheet.

You can cut wide boards with ease with a Peterson swingblade portable sawmill without having to turn the unit around like cheaper imitations. Wide boards and slabs can often be more valuable than dimensional lumber, so we made it easier for you to produce them! See how a Peterson mill double cuts.

Choose which Peterson Portable Sawmill suits you.CUSTOMISE FOR YOUR NEEDS
Not sure of the Peterson mill that suits your needs? With four customisable models to choose from; Junior Peterson, All Terrain Sawmill, Winch Production Frame, Dedicated Wide Slabber and Automated Swingblade Mill, we will ensure you get the product that’s perfect for your application. Compare our range with this easy to read one page document.

Still not sure? Take a look at the photo gallery to check out what Peterson miller’s worldwide are doing with their portable sawmills. From milling lumber for their home, barn or fencing, to custom milling wide boards and slabs for clients, a Peterson Sawmill has been the salvation for hundreds of operators worldwide. If they can do it, so can you!


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