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Productive Sawmilling Portable Saw Mill for Sale - Winch Production Frame


WPF is designed for fast production sawmillingThe Winch Production Frame (WPF) was designed for productive sawmilling, cutting high quality, extremely accurate timber with portable or fixed-site sawmilling. It is great for contractors and built from top quality materials for durability in any weather.

The WPF differs to the ATS and other dual winch sawmills in that it has a manual one-point lowering system to save time, but this can be upgraded to an Electric Winch for even faster vertical sizing at the touch of a button.

For ultimate efficiency the patented Hi/Lo track option allows easy log loading either over the top of the low rail with a loader, or by rolling the logs under the high rail when set up on bunks. With the ability to add unlimited track extensions for commercial production, it is little wonder that the WPF Portable Sawmill is a customer favourite, especially with contract sawyers.

Finance your portable sawmill

Features and Optional Extras for Productive Sawmilling

Standard Feature (ASM / WPF) – Single Point SizingSINGLE POINT SIZING
On all ASM and WPF and JP frames, the system allows the operator to lower all four corners of the mill equally from one position meaning more accurate boards. The manual, single point winch system, may be upgraded to electric on the WPF.

The Peterson JP, WPF, ASM and DWS have all been designed with a track system which allows for unlimited track extensions (extensions available as optional extras). Perfect for a job like the one in the image above, where Jeff Sincell milled a 40′ log on his WPF.

Standard Feature – Durable Circular BladesDURABLE, LOW MAINTENANCE BLADES 
Peterson blades last for 2-6 years with normal use and maintenance. However, some sawmill owners have been using the same blades for over 10 years! With our blades, maintenance is minimal as our circular blades can be sharpened right on the mill in less than five minutes.

Standard Feature – Double Cutting Wide BoardsCUT WIDE BOARDS WITH EASE
A unique feature of all Peterson Portable Sawmills, is the ease of double cutting timber slabs by a single operator. A double cut is the joining of two horizontal cuts together to obtain a wider board or slab using both sides of the blade.

Standard Feature – Positive Lock for Left-Right SizingPOSITIVE LOCK FOR LEFT/RIGHT SIZING
Peterson’s left/right sizing system is run by chain and sprocket, with a turning handle and lock. So that means it will only move when you unlock it, and you can position the sizing very accurately to within 1mm. No slippage, and top accuracy for every board.

Standard Feature (ASM) – Upgrade (WPF) – Electric WinchELECTRIC WINCH
Optional with the WPF, or standard with the ASM model, the electric winch allows touch button control of the track height. Not only does it make for faster resetting, but sizing is more accurate due to raising and lowering the tracks at the same time allowing much more productive sawmilling.

Standard Feature (ASM) – Upgrade (WPF) – Hi/Lo TracksHI/LO TRACK SYSTEM
Peterson’s patented Hi/Lo track set up comes standard on the ASM models, and as an optional extra on the WPF. The Hi/Lo tracks allow the operator to either load logs over the track on the low side, or roll logs under the high track, giving the utmost in versatility for mobile or fixed site applications.

Optional – More Powerful MotorsPOWER OPTIONS
Petersons are proud to offer 35hp and 37hp Kohler, 35hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard big-block gasoline options, and 23hp Kohler Lombardini diesel motors on our 10” sawmills. More horse power makes it easier on the engine when you’re cutting hard wood, and also allows you to cut through a log more quickly. When you speak with our sales team, make sure you ask about these high end motor options for a more powerful portable sawmill.

Standard Feature – Cyclonic Air FiltersCYCLONIC AIR FILTER
These state-of-the-art filters separate clean air from debris and liquids by the design and rotation of the air intake. Petersons have many unskilled operators in remote areas that often forget to clean/change their air filters regularly, but their  Kohler or Vanguard Briggs & Stratton motors with cyclonic filters just keep going anyway! Heavy duty cyclonic filters can give up to three times the life of standard duty air filters.

Standard Feature – Faster Blade SharpeningPETERSON BLADES
To decrease downtime, the Peterson blade can be sharpened while it is still on the mill; in less than 10 minutes, and without having to remove any guards. For your convenience the sharpener is pre-set to fit your blade size which makes for much more productive sawmilling.

Standard Feature – 3-year Frame WarrantyQUALITY AND WARRANTY
We manufacture the Peterson Portable Sawmill range using quality materials such as hand polished stainless steel and aluminum that make them virtually rust free. This also means the mills are robust in performance, and most importantly – have long-term durability in even the harshest conditions. Because we have faith in our manufacture, and we want you to as well, we offer a 3-year frame warranty on stainless and alloy frames manufactured by Peterson.

Standard Feature – Elevated Sawmill EngineELEVATED ENGINE POSITION
Petersons mount their sawmill engines higher than other manufacturers for two reasons: firstly, to ensure the air filter intake is further away from the sawdust output. This prevents sawdust build up and overheating of the motor. And secondly, to allow the ability of double-cutting to full depth, without the motor and gearbox restricting the opposite side of the blade.

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Productive Sawmilling with the Electric Winch on the Peterson WPF sawmillPatented HiLo Track Frame Versatility

Electric Winch Capability

Double-Length Track for Commercial Production

Single-Winch Mills Vs Dual-Winch Mills

Peterson Swingblade Cutting Vs Bandsaw Mill

Maintenance Cost Vs Nearest Swingblade Competitor

Board Quality Vs Bandsaw Mills

Double-Cutting Wide Boards Vs Swingblade Competitor

Mill Specifications

Blade  8″ 10″
Motor Petrol Motors: 22hp Honda, 25hp/27hp/35hp† Kohler, 35hp† Vanguard Briggs & Stratton
Diesel Motors: 23hp Lombardini*
Electric Motor: 15kw 3-phase†
Maximum Cut  8″ x 8″
(203.2 x 203.2mm)
10″ x 10″
(254 x 254mm)
Double Cut  8″ x 16″
(203.2 x 406.4mm)
10″ x 20″
(254 x 508mm)
Max. Log Diameter  6′ (1.8m) 5′ (1.5m)
Max. log length on std tracks  20′ (6m)
Average Production** 1200 – 3500bft+ per day
3 – 8+ cubic meters per day
Vertical Sizing Single winch, electric winch upgrade available
Set up 10 – 20mins, weight: 280kgs
Materials Aluminium and stainless steel

* Check for availability in your country
* * Production numbers may vary due to species and size of cut
† Only available on 10″ models

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Accessories Available for the WPF

Tapered Boards Slabber Brackets
Track extensions Hi/Lo Track Extensions
Tachometer Electric Winch
Clip on Slabber

Weight Breakdown

The mill breaks down easily and quickly into smaller parts for incredible portability. The WPF fits easily into the back of your ute/pick-up truck.

Main Carriage 230kg 507lb
2 x Tracks @ 51kg each 102kg 225lb
2 x Skids @ 12kg each 24kg 53lb
3 x Uprights** @ 10kg each 30kg 66lb
2 x Track Levelers @ 5kg each 10kg 22lb
Total 396kg 873lb

**Uprights only required when using Hi/Lo setup

Easy Set Up

Setting up the WPF is a simple process that usually takes one person about 10 – 25 minutes and around 5 – 10 minutes for two people. The mill can be packed up within about 7 minutes.

1. Set up your skids at each end of the log.
2. Place the track and levelers onto the skids. Ensure the tracks are parallel by looking along them at eye level.
3. Wheel the carriage and place onto the tracks.
4. Remove the jockey wheels. The sawing process can now begin.
Diagram of the steps involved in setting up an WPF

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Double Track Set Up Example

Adding track extensions to your standard WPF track set-up not only allows you to mill very long logs, but also gives you the ability to set up two sawmilling areas. This allows you to mill the first log then move onto your second log straight away which will reduce your downtime.

While you are milling the second log another log can be loaded into the first sawmill area, therefore reducing your down time which in turn increases your daily production capacity.

Double Track for high production sawmilling with the WPF


Winch Production Frame Videos

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