Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Sawmill Feature – Elevated Sawmill Engine

One of the features of the Peterson Portable Sawmill is its elevated saw mill engine. Petersons mount their engines higher than other manufacturers for two reasons:

  1. To ensure the air filter intake is further away from the sawdust output. This prevents sawdust build up and overheating of the motor.
  2. To allow the ability of double-cutting to full depth, without the motor and gearbox restricting the opposite side of the blade.

Double-cutting is where you can cut the width that is twice as large as the maximum cut of your blade. So cutting 12′ with a 6′ blade, or 16′ with an 8′ blade.

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  1. Is the diesel engine more powerful, more resistant to island salt-water laden breezes, and more expensive?

  2. Hi Ron, Thank you for your inquiry, the diesel engine option will have more torque and is more efficient than a similar sized gasoline engine option. The diesel engine option is quite a bit heavier and has more vibration than a Gasoline engine option. Corrosion wise, the diesel engine option has the same resilience as a gasoline engine option.
    With regards to price , Yes you are correct the diesel engine option is more expensive.
    Kind regards Aaron

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