Peterson Portable Sawmills

Peterson Portable Sawmill Accessories

Petersons have a range of portable sawmill accessories that are available for purchase at any time (model dependent). Our range of accessories have been designed to help increase production and add value to the lumber that comes off your mill.

If you would like to order any of these portable sawmill accessories, please email us with your order.

The ultimate in portable sawmill accessories, Peterson’s Clip-On Slabber Chainsaw Mill is designed to compliment your JP, ATS, WPF or ASM sawmill model. With slabs becoming more popular for use in the home and office, the value of slabs are higher than that of dimensional lumber. Priced from $1700 (NZD)*

Visit the clip-on slabber chainsaw mill webpage

Watch the clip-on slabber video

Enhance your wide slabs and beams with the Peterson Planer Blade! The Wood Planer Blade is mounted in place of your standard mill blade to skim over the surface of your timber for planed results. Purchase with the Peterson sander disc for a complete finish. Priced from $1000 (NZD)*

Visit the wood planer blade webpage

Watch how the planer blade works

The Peterson Sander Disc fits any Peterson swingblade model and includes a range of sandpaper grits (available at your local hardware store) to bring your timber to the finish you desire.

The Sander Disc is a great complement to your Peterson planer blade and will save you hours of manual finishing. Priced from $240 (NZD)*

Visit the wood sander disc kit webpage

Read the sander disc press release

EZ Dogs are the perfect portable sawmill accessory to carry in your kit, particularly if you mill using 4×4 log bunks. They’re made of aluminium and are versatile; able to be adjusted to suit your bunks and logs of any size. Priced from $102 (NZD)*

See full EZ Dog specs and further details

Move your logs with a Peterson Canthook

Canthooks are used to roll, lift and pivot logs. Peterson’s canthooks are made using mild steel making them easier to use and stronger than traditional wooden canthooks.

If you are ordering a Peterson Sawmill, don’t forget to add a canthook to your quote! Priced from $100 (NZD)*

The electric winch for vertical sizing is easily fit to Peterson’s Winch Production Frame and Dedicated Wide Slabber mills or may be used as an upgrade if you have purchased an earlier model.

Save time operating the manual winch and making vertical adjustments with the electric winch, enabling you to work smarter, not harder. Priced from $1800 (NZD)*

Watch the electric winch video

Re-tip your own blades and save time and money in the long-run with the Peterson Re-Tipping Jig. The Re-Tipping Jig holds blades and tips in place at the correct angle, while you solder them in place.

An instruction manual, flux, rod and one set of tips are included with your purchase. Priced from $680 (NZD)*

Download the re-tipping jig flyer

MicroKerf blades utilise a secondary reinforcing boss for support of the body, and mount straight onto your existing Peterson blade boss. It is excellent for 1″ hardwood boards and will increase your recovery by 15 – 20% and production by 20 – 30%. Priced from $1600 (NZD)*

View the original MicroKerf press release

Download the MicroKerf blade flyer

Cut angled boards such as lap siding, bevel siding, splay cut or clapboard with the Peterson Weatherboard Attachment! The attachment can be used with your Peterson All Terrain Sawmill or Winch Production Frame. Priced from $195 (NZD)*

Download the weatherboard attachment flyer

When operating overseas or in remote areas we recommend the purchase of a Peterson Remote Area Service Kit. The kit includes a supply of spares and motor service items to keep you going for around 100 hours and can be tailored to suit your needs. Priced from $650 (NZD)*

Download the remote service kit flyer

While standard mills cut logs up to 20′ (6m), extensions allow for beams of unlimited length on the JP and WPF. Vertical sizing still remains at the operators end. 

Cut extra long logs, or load and prepare a second log while your first is being sawn at the operator’s end! Priced from $1050 (NZD)*

Watch a video on our patented Hi/Lo track set-up

* Portable sawmill accessories: prices exclude freight, delivery, clearance and taxes at the time of print. Prices frequently change due to currency fluctuations and may differ depending on your location.